Field Day contacts for KC9ERZ (using club call KC9FTG) for 2012:

The Spencer County Amateur Radio Club had another good Field Day at the Grandview Civic Center.

FrequencyModeTime (UTC)Station WorkedExchange Received
14.039CW18:35W7IP3A UT
14.038CW18:42K2NJ3F NJ
14.034.25CW18:49K7UM3A UT
14.045CW18:55W7OM1D WWA
14.044CW18:57K1T5A NH
14.042.50CW18:59W1NY8A WMA
14.031.25CW19:05N2OB4A SNJ
14.062.50CW20:19NG5A5A NTX
14.045.50CW20:23W2BC1E WNY
14.021.75CW20:29N8OO1D LA
14.036CW20:33N4OX2A NFL
14.037CW20:35W2RC2A NLA
14.038.50CW20:36KK5W5A STX
14.044CW20:41K3WV1E EPA
14.054.75CW20:44K4FC7A NFL
14.060.50CW20:46VE2ARC1A QC
14.060.25CW20:49K7RDG3F AZ
14.066CW20:53W0ZP1D CO
7.065CW20:56W9IK1E MS
7.062.50CW20:59WX5BC3A AR
7.058CW21:01W9REG2A IN
7.052.50CW21:02W4NC8A NC
7.051.75CW21:04NO8D1E OH
7.043.75CW21:08N2BJ5E IL
7.036.25CW21:10N8CC1A MI
7.034.50CW21:12K4BFT4A AL
7.034.75CW21:15K0DNG2A MO
7.033.50CW21:19W4BRC5A VA
7.032.75CW21:20N8BC5A OH
7.030.25CW21:23N4FL3F TN
7.028.25CW21:25W9AZ3A IL
7.026.25CW21:28K4OO2A NC
7.025CW21:31N4N2A GA
7.020.75CW21:35W8UM4A MI
7.059CW21:51K1LT2A OH
7.058CW21:52W1HR1D WPA
7.055.50CW21:57K9OZ1E IL
7.048.75CW21:59W0HCA2F MO
7.043.50CW22:02K5JZ2A AR
14.068.25CW22:15K3CSG3A EPA